Do breath mints really work?

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  2. Im courious, medically , do breath mints really work for the breath? There are so many out there, some that even taste like “candy,” so how can one little piece of mint relieve bad breath? When brush and flossing is necessary to remove plaque. Isnt plaque one of the reasons for bad breath?And if so, how long are they expected to last?

    Answer by kathy_is_a_nurse
    They mask the breath, but thats it. If good oral hygiene isnt enough, the question becomes, where is the bad odor coming from? There can be medical reasons for bad breath. Diabetes is just one example. Bad digestion can be a big factor. When digestion is the cause of the problem, charcoal or chlorophyll supplements with meals can improve the breath for the entire day.

  3. is there a cure for bad breath

    Answer by JR
    Brush your teeth

  4. I am suffering sometimes of bad odor from my mouth but not all time ,what causes of bad breath?

    Answer by Conrad
    It is the bacteria in the tonsil lymph nodes that are behind the back of your throat and down in the throat. Not having good dental hygiene contributes too.