Tips for repair car door lock?

  1. Answer by joseph
    To repair or to replace the car door lock is not an issue, but the on how you expose the said parts. You should start from opening of door insulation of internal cover prior to remove the door lock mechanism. To open the cover, remove all cover of only for you involve screw, other holder of that cover are attached on that cover, all you need to do is to full it a little by force or by using crew driver to detach.

  2. someone broke in my trk & broken both sides of the doors.Can someone help me w/ a pitcher of how to off the door panel so I can fix them both sides of my trk please. ThankYouRandom Data Source Contribution Link connected with Locksmith Minneapolis -
    Locksmith Minneapolis

    P S I don,t have power windows again ty.

    Answer by Locksmith
    dont know what year the look there truck is, but probably just spring clips, remove door handle, remove window crank

  3. I have a 2000 vollkswagon jetta 2.0. I have determined that the lock cylinder is broke because when I turn the key theres no resistance and the car wont turn on. The engine light, battery light and anti theiff light stay on with no key in the ignition and everything else works fine except for the automatic door key. MY QUESTION IS…. Is there a repair kit for the cylider key. I found some repair kits for the door but not the cylinder. Thanks in advance

    Answer by Steven R
    The key cylinder is probably not broken, it could be, but not likely. The Steering lock housing that the key cylinder goes into is likely whats broken.

    In either case, those are dealer items.

    You can remove the key cylinder yourself to find out what you need.

    Remove the trim off the steering column. You have to turn the steering wheel to get at the top bolts for the lower half of the trim. Theyre under the top half of the trim.

    Put the key into the lock cylinder and turn it to run. Disconnect the key reader coil connector from the cylinder. There is a mark and a cut out on the cialis australia no prescription face of the cylinder. Use a large paper clip in the hole at the cut out to release the cylinder from the housing. Remove the cylinder. If the cylinder is broken, part of it will stay in the housing.

    If the cylinder is not broken, the steering lock is the problem.