What does Fleet mean?

  1. Me and my friend both are joining the Marines, but we go to boot camp at different times and have a different MOS. Our recruiter told us that we would all eventually meet up at the we recommend fleet or something like that( including himself). He also included that to make sure we try to get stationed to Hawaii. 1) Can we even choose where we get stationed? 2) What exactly does fleet mean? 3) And how is it that we will all see each other then?

    Answer by Marysia
    navy fleet — a grouping of ships carriers, destroyers, etc. i believe its a grouping of like 5 ships – forgive me i cant remember exactly but…. in Mayport/Jacksonville FLorida we loved with the “fleet was in” as the businesses thrived in the area!

    i dont think you can pick and choose. there are different billets to click here fill and you can look for some together but….

    as for seeing each other – that will be tough sometimes. even if you are some reason on a carrier (like the JKF) there would be people who woudlnt even know the other was on board – there are like 5000 people on one so…..

    God BLess you in your journey and thank you for your committment to your country and to me – a complete stranger, but a stranger who thanks you with her whole heart for keeping me safe (and speaking English!)

  2. Answer by republican
    I believe that it is a section of the Russian/Soviet Navy. The Baltic Sea is the panorender.com ocean just to the north of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

  3. Answer by Mohammad
    Fleet rationalization means reduction in the number of aircraft to save costs.


  4. Answer by jamesfolk77
    Fleet Week is a United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Coast Guard tradition in which active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock in a variety of major cities for one week. Once the ships dock, the crews can enter the city and http://grizzliesracing.com/generic-viagra-lowest-prices visit its tourist attractions. At certain hours, the public can take a guided tour of leonardoolives.com the ships. Often, Fleet Week is accompanied by military demonstrations and airshows such as provided by the Blue Angels.

  5. Answer by Char
    The United States Navy has six active numbered fleets Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh Fleet and Tenth Fleets are each led by a three-star vice admiral, and the Fourth Fleet is led by a rear admiral. These six fleets are further grouped under Fleet Forces Command (the former Atlantic Fleet), Pacific Fleet, Naval Forces Europe-Africa, and Naval Forces Central Command, whose commander also doubles as Commander Fifth Fleet; the first three commands being led by four-star full admirals. The United States First Fleet existed after the Second World War from 1947, but it was redesignated Third Fleet in early 1973. In early 2008, the Navy reactivated the http://drawsomethingcheat24.com/effect-of-levitra-on-women United States Fourth Fleet to control operations in the area controlled by Southern Command, which consists of US assets in and around Central and South America
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    The Seventh is the largest.